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Why study Spanish in Mexico City?













PLURILINGUA- Languages at the reach of all was established in 2014 and inspired by experienced language instructors from various countries.


Our mission is to provide interactive and innovative quality teaching focused on real life situations in order that students become more independent as well as self-reliant at the time of speaking.


Some of the topics we cover in our GENERAL CLASSES are:

  • presentations

  • hotels

  • airports

  • banks

  • means of transportation

  • hobbies and small talk

  • giving and asking for directions


Moreover, you could opt for SPECIALIZED CLASSES :


  • Medical Spanish

  • Legal Spanish

  • Spanish for tourism

  • Spanish for exams

  • Etc.



Mexico City main square

Delicious Mexican tacos

1. You will be constantly surrounded by native Spanish speakers- there are over 25 000 000 citizens in Mexico City and the metropolitan area.


2. Mexicans enjoy talking about... anything, really!


3. You will get to know some of the most ancient cultures and their  astonishing heritage.


4. The cost of studying and living in Mexico City is much lower than in many other cities.


5. There exists a great variety of touristic sights near Mexico City created both by nature and people.


6. You will touch, smell and taste an impressive number of exotic fruits, eclectic local foods and drinks.


7. The weather is absolutely delicious and the sun invariably caresses your skin and smiles generously at you.

The Chapultepec castle in Mexico City

Aztec dances in Mexico City

Prices and




We offer 2-week courses of a total of 40 classes

(4 classes a day, Monday through Friday). You are free to select your own starting date for individual classes.


Group classes start every 2 weeks if at least two students sign up.


Prices per course, study materials included:


Individual classes- £ 500 (GBP)


Group classes (max 4 students)- £ 200 (GBP) / person


*Administrative fee- £ 45 (GBP)

The Angel of Independence

downtown Mexico City 

Teotihuacan pyramids by Mexico City

Cultural activities



PLURILINGUA- Languages at the reach of all provides you with a wide variety of rooms. You can choose the type and location of your accommodation.


Prices start at £ 85 (GBP) per week. *

Meals are covered by the students.


*Prices and rooms are subject to availability. 

The Popocatepetl volcano by Mexico City

A colorful street in Puebla

(1.5 hours by car from Mexico City)

  • A tour in the historical center- COMPLIMENTARY


  • A visit to a local flea market- COMPLIMENTARY


  • 2 cooking classes- COMPLIMENTARY


  • One-day trip to Puebla and the Cholula pyramid (ask for details)


  • One-day trip to the Basaltic Prisms in Huasca de Ocampo (ask for details)

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